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About Our Technical Team

Dunc was more than able to do all the technical work himself. However since his death in 1992, we have relied on the training and expertise of a variety of experts. In 2017 this team has grown to include specialists in the areas of GIS mapping, hydrography, visual design, and cartography. And the charts are the ONLY ones designed by university-trained cartographers.

Here are some of the most important advisors:

Stuart Allan and the Cartographic Design Team

Stuart Allan and the team at Allan Cartography in Medford, Oregon, were award-winning, internationally respected developers of Raven and Benchmark maps. With the retirement of Stuart Allan in 2012, Neil Allen and their staff of highly trained cartographers and technicians have continued to assemble the data and generated the beautiful new digital base for the Winni chart and the three smaller lakes. They also provided guidance and quality control at every step of creation of the thematic layers that make our charts so useful.


In addition to being the most beautiful AND accurate maps or charts in the region, Duncan Press charts are the only navigational charts of the Lakes Region that are used by the Marine Patrol Dispatchers. That's because the data comes as close to the official source as you can get. Again, some of the 22 advisors are here:

New Hampshire Marine Patrol provides us with invaluable assistance throughout the year.

NH Department of Environmental Services provided the stream flow data which we incorporated as a new feature in our charts.

NH Fish & Game Department reviewed our existing charts and provided updated data for our exclusive mapping of fish species and their locations in the lakes. Fish & Game is also the source of the bathymetric data, having conducted the last official survey of the lakes in 1966.

Anchor Marine, the former owners of Meredith Marina, Y Landing Marina, Parafunalia, and many, many of our other retailers supplied us anecdotal and factual information from their own experience and that of other boaters during the season. Bob Andrews at Anchor reviewed our prototypes for the 2002 season and suggested many improvements. Paul Wiener at Parafunalia, and Barry and Arlene, formerly at Meredith Marina, shared their insights and customer comments that enabled us to improve the charts for 2005. Dave Ferroulo of Fathom Divers and Tom Wachsmuth at Dive Winni are our sources for all information about sunken wrecks and other dive sites.


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